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Internet Failover Systems

The iStep internet failover system gives you the reliability of a T1/DS1 without the cost. By combining two DSL lines from two different DSL carriers, we offer redundancy. Although the service level agreement (SLA) with a T1 is generally better, relying on just one line can mean disaster when it goes down. Our system can also be used with a DSL/T1 line combination to give you additional uptime.


Prices start at $699, including maintenance for 12 months. Maintenance contracts beyond that period are $250 per year. Please contact us for details.

Failover Q and A

How much money can I save by using your system versus just getting a T1?

A T1 can easily cost $500/month. Two DSL lines can cost as low as $80/month. Adding the one-time cost of our failover device at $699, you will break-even in less than two months. In addition, DSL lines generally provide a faster download speed than T1.

Do the two DSL lines need to be from two different carriers?

We normally recommend that the DSL lines be from two different carriers, but it is not mandatory. If you only use one carrier and that carrier fails at the central office (CO), both of your lines will go down.

I have a firewall currently. How will your system interact with my firewall?

Our failover system is designed to sit at the edge of your network and will seamlessly pass traffic to your firewall.

What type of operating system does your fail over system run on?

Our failover system is based on Linux and iptables.

I do not have a firewall currently. Does your system have firewall protection?

Yes! Firewall protection for your network is included as part of the package.

Can I configure the device myself?

An on-site visit by iStep is usually required. However, if you are outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, we can always pre-configure the device for you and ship it to you.

Will I get the combined speeds of two DSL lines?

Depending on the configuration, we can load balance the traffic across the two lines and also direct certain types of traffic (e.g., HTTP, VPN, e-mail, etc.) to only go over certain lines.

If we host internet accessbile servers at our office, will your failover system also provide redundancy for our hosted servers?

Since your servers will likely be using IP addresses from just one of your DSL carriers, it would be difficult to provide failover for your servers unless we use a DNS round robin method. Please inquire for details.

Can more than two DSL lines be used?

Yes. You can add additional DSL lines or other forms of ethernet Internet connectivity (e.g., T1, T3, etc.). It will require a different hardware configuration, but it is possible.

I currently only have 1 DSL line. Will you assist in getting the second DSL line installed?

Yes. We work with a number of different DSL companies and are also Covad DSL resellers. If you decide to order another DSL line from iStep, it would be best to first contact us prior to placing an order for the second DSL line so we can ensure it is ordered correctly.

Who is responsible for ongoing maintenance?

Your first year of maintenance (e.g., security updates, etc.) in included in the purchase price. Additional maintenance is available on a yearly basis.

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