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Managed Firewalls

iStep's managed firewall is great for enhanced security for your network. With identity theft and viruses rampantly spreading across the Internet, network security is no longer an afterthought. We at iStep have over 15 years of experience in the network security field.

Key Benefits

Our firewall solution is an essential component for our redundant DSL service.

Firewall Q and A

What is the difference between the built-in firewall on a DSL router versus a standalone solution?

The firewalls that come with DSL routers usually do not have stateful packet inspection. Basically, that means it does not trace back the source of the incoming traffic as carefully as our solution. So, many of the default firewalls in DSL routers are not as secure.

Is an iStep firewall more secure than others?

Since there are so many different firewalls that come with a a variety of features and price ranges, it is difficult to say that one firewall is more secure than another. Generally, the most important thing is to make sure your security is constantly up-to-date. Hackers commonly scan the Internet and keep a database of what type of devices and software versions people are running. When a security vulnerability is released to the public, they look at their shared database to discover which devices on the Internet are vulnerable, and then they start their attacks. Our firewall solution comes with maintenance agreements, so we make sure you have the latest security version. In addition, our solution is more secure because we can set things so that the settings cannot be modified. Many of the DSL routers will allow hackers to constantly guess passwords (i.e., no auto-lockout). Once a password is cracked, they can easily change the settings on the router and re-route traffic to their servers capturing passwords, credit card information, social security numbers, etc.

There are so many different firewalls out there. How do I choose?

It really depends on what level of security you need and what type of data needs to be protected. If you need to protect client and company data, or credit card information, then iStep's solution is the best for your needs. A firewall is not a one-time purchase. It needs to be maintained to ensure security. Do not be fooled that an out-dated firewall will protect you.

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