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Colocate your server in our high-availability data center located in San Francisco

Our colocation service provides you with the ability to place your own server to connect on our network. This gives you the greatest flexibility to manage all aspects of the configuration of your own server while leaving the networking part to us. Our colocation service range from 0Kbps to 100Mbps connections. Our colocation facility is a Class A facility with redundant internet connections, power generator backups, and is located right here in San Francisco.

If you prefer to rent a server from us or use our managed services to administer your server, please contact us.

First Month is Free!


Additional Services Offered

Server Size 1U Rack Full Rack
Monthly Cost $49 $999
Setup Fee Free Free
IP Addresses 3 32
Power Outlets 1 24
Power Usage 3 Amp 20 Amp
Bandwidth Option Usage Pricing
Option 1 0 - 256 Kbps $20
Option 2 256.1 - 512 Kbps $36
Option 3 1 - 5 Mbps $70
Option 4 5.1 - 10 Mbps $65
Option 5 10.1 - 30 Mbps $60
Option 6 30.1 - 50 Mbps $50

Bandwidth is based on the 95th percentile.

Act Now! Space is limited. The promotion will be canceled once we reach our colocation cabinet capacity.

What is colocation?

Colocation (Co-location, collocation) is the act of placing an independent server on an established Internet backbone, which provides a constant high-speed connection from the Internet to your server. We place your server equipment in our colocation data center premises. Your servers will usually be mounted in a cabinet either using rack mount rails or shelves. Our colocation services are for companies who require complete control over their server configuration. With colocation, you can choose exactly what vendor you prefer for your servers and can pick the highest quality and fastest server components. If you are unable to supply your own server, you can either rent servers from us, or we can assist in purchasing and configuring servers for you to colocate.

Our remote IP KVM and remote power cycle ports allow you full control of your colocated servers. With the ability to fully control the keyboard, video, and mouse, you will have full access to your servers at the console level. If your servers ever crash and need to be power cycled, you can use our remote power cycle interface to cut power to your servers and turn them back on. Our goal is provide you with colocation service that gives you as much remote control power as possible limiting your need to actually visit our colocation data center.

We sell colocation services based on the "U" which is equivalent to 1.75 inches (4.45cm). You can purchase from 1U to 42U.

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