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Voice Over IP Gateway

Best-of-breed VoIP gateway for those who already have a PBX.

Key features

Already purchased an expensive PBX system but want to take advantage of VoIP? Then our VoIP Gateway system is ideal for you. This is an intelligent VoIP gateway that works with your existing PBX. Since it uses your existing PBX, it is not a hosted PBX solution that relies heavily on the Internet. While this system does use the Internet to route calls, it has an easy to use bypass mechanism so that your calls still work if your Internet connection drops. For most businesses, the phone is the lifeblood of the company and you cannot afford to miss calls if your Internet connection goes down.

Once your new VoIP Gateway is connected to your system, your outbound telephone calls will be routed through the Internet via iStep's VoIP provider selector. By using the best-of-breed VoIP providers, the gatway dynamically selects the best calling plan for you based on your usage patterns. The VoIP provider market is a new and highly competitive market with continuously changing rates and plans. With this system, you don't have to worry about choosing the right provider. Quality can vary from provider to provider, and from a business standpoint, you just cannot afford to compromise on voice quality. Let us worry about it.

Our VoIP Gateway hardware platform comprises of Dell server equipment and open VoIP standards using the open source Asterisk software.

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